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Three letter acronyms are very popular on the internet. In most cases the letters represent the first letter of each of three words of a company, business or organisation name, but sometimes are also pronounceable or a three letter word in themselves, increasing the value of the domain substantially.

Another factor influencing the value of acronym domains is the frequency in common use of the letters as initial letters, eg: 's' is the most common initial letter in English. However this does not always hold true in arriving at a valuation since the words in business, company and organisation names may not reflect common usage, and there may be other reasons why an acronym is particularly appealing.

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About us: consults in the not for profit and social enterprise sectors, specialising in internet asset management, that is procurement, development and management of domain names, websites, and associated intellectual property.

If not in development, a domain name may be available for purchase. We specialise in premium generic keyword domains, carefully selected and purchased in previous years (many as far back as the initial release of .info and .biz gTLDs in 2000 or 2001) for their development potential, representing a rare opportunity for you to obtain a prestigious domain name that would otherwise be unavailable.

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